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Term One Assembly


This Friday 11th March is 1 /2HM’s assembly. Here is our class recount we wrote when RACV Education came to visit.

On Wednesday 17th February, Nicole from the RACV came to our school.

We learnt that you must wear a helmet when riding a bike or scooter.

Nicole told us if we are too small for a seat belt, we need a booster seat.

We also learnt how to be a pedestrian.

To be a good pedestrian you walk when you see the green man.


Nicole put down on the ground a road made of felt.

Then she asked eight children to cross the road.

Miss Moloney and Nicole pretended to be the cars and the motorbikes.

We looked to the left, we looked to the right and we looked to the left again.

Next we played a game called “lolly-pop man”.

One whistle means stop.

Two whistles mean go.

At the end Miss Moloney and Nicole flipped up pictures to find our learning.

Thanks Nicole from RACV for visiting us!! We learnt so much about “keeping ourselves safe!”

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