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Vegie Garden


It has been eight weeks since we planted tiny, little vegetable seedlings. Look how much they have grown. Do you have any ideas what we could cook up using these vegies next term?

Erth’s Dinosaur Show


On Thursday,10th September, the 1 /2’s and 3 /4’s went to see a live puppet show called “Erth’s Dinosaur Show at Springvale Town Hall. Michael was the compare and taught us lots of facts about Australian dinosaurs. At the beginning of the show, Anley got to go on stage and tell a dinosaur joke to […]



The SRC organised a lego competition for Prep to Two. We got to construct any creation we like with a friend. The winners in 1 /2 HU were Sharlene and Kim. It was fun!! THANKS SRC



OUR EXCURSION TO COMO HOUSE On Friday 4th September, we went to Como House. We came to school like children from the olden days. Then we got on the bus. When we arrived we ate our playlunch. Our two olden day teachers met us, their names were Janine and Mark. We went in three groups […]

Splots and Splats: Bookweek


Wednesday, 26th August we wore coloured clothes for “Splots and Splats”. We brought our teddies to school to join in the fun. The 1 /2’s went to the hall and had a parade in our rainbow colours of clothes. We then danced to some of our favourite music. It was fun!!!

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