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St Joseph’s 2016 Art Show


Well done 1 /2 HM on your great creations. Congratulations to Kiera, Ben, Benjamin and Melissa on their Art achievement awards!

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Welcome to Term Four. This term bring lots exciting learning experiences and special events. Our Inquiry Unit is “Under the Sea”. Our learning intentions are:

I can name different underwater habitats.

I can describe creatures in underwater habitats.

I can investigate creatures in underwater habitats.

I can record information in different ways.

I can report on a living creature in an underwater habitat.

I can name ways to care for the underwater environment.

 This term we have celebrated the Feast of St Francis and the blessing of the animals. Miss Hannett brought her dog Semy, who was the star of the school! We really loved meeting her and hope she can come to school again to visit.

See you at the Art Show next week.


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Collingwood Children’s Farm

On Friday 12th August we went to Collingwood Children’s  Farm. First we rode on a bus for one hour then we ate our YUMMY play lunch. Next we Tom the farmer and he took us to feed the hens and chickens. After that we brushed the cow and felt how warm the milk from a cow is. Later we went stinky compost yard and fed the pigs they were dirty. Then we saw the worm farm. Next we fed the horses and ponies. Next we fed the sheep there was so much poop in the paddock. After that we fed the goats they were soft. Later on we went to the bee centre. I saw a queen bee or maybe it was a wasp. Six people were allowed. Finally it was lunch time I was starving I ate a wrap it was delicious. While we were eating Miss Hannett went to steal a sheep or as she says it borrow it. Anyway after we went to the vegie garden and saw vegie plants. Next we jumped on the bus and back to school and played on the playground and finally we went home.


Collingwood Farm

On Friday 12th August we went to Collingwood Farm. First we went to the bus I sat next to Nancy. Next we arrived we had our playlunch.Then we met farmer Tom and fed the hens and chickens.After that we brushed the cow and we went to the compost yard.Later we fed the pigs. We saw a worm farm and fed the ponies and then we had our lunch. Finally we went back to school.I had a great time!

By Kittina

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On Thursday 4th August, St Joseph’s held it mini Olympic Day. Our class choose Greece as our country. In the opening ceremony we went first to take the flag to the front. This is because Greece was the first ever country to hold the Olympics. Other flags which were in the flag ceremony were France, Ireland, Vietnam, Qatar, Canada and many more. Next was the torch relay and Ben was the lucky one to be chosen for this.

After the opening ceremony the 5/6’s organised some sporting activities. We played number soccer, egg and spoon races, bean bag throw and tunnel ball. It was so much fun!

In the afternoon was the closing ceremony. What a wonderful day we had. The Olympic flag was passed onto Japan where the games will be held in four years time.

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Our Learnings for Term Three


This term our Inquiry topics will cover health and history. The names of our Inquiry units are “Staying Healthy and Happy” and “From the Farm to the Table.”

Our Health Learning Intentions and success criteria is:


Students explain what it means to be healthy.

Students explain how their body grows and changes.

Students recognise their feelings and identify how to get along with others. 


I can explain what it means to be healthy.

I can explain how their body grows and changes.

I can recognise their feelings and identify how to get along with others.

Year 1 /2 HM will be participating in a Visible Learning Project about learning intentions in the Reading Block. Please as part of this project, we ask the parents to ask the children what they learnt in reading, to see if they can tell you what they are learning NOT what they did. Please feel free to post a comment such as: ” my son learnt in reading today………” This would be very helpful for the project.

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Welcome back to Term Three! I hope you had a restful and exciting holiday. Our class dogs Kuta and Semy had a lovely holiday with Miss Hannett. They went on an aeroplane all the way to Bali. Here are some holiday snaps!

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What a busy term it has been for Year 1 /2 HM. We commenced our unit of inquiry with water experiments, rotating throughout the year 1 /2 classrooms.

In week four, we had a special friendship paraliturgy with our buddy grade 3 /4 NB. In religion we learnt about God’s creation. We created some beautiful posters of each day.

In maths some of the topics were subtraction and addition, money and graphing activities.

Check out all of the photos which show our learning for the term. We have had so much fun!!

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This week we are learning about the Anzacs. Today we baked Anzac biscuits. Here is the recipe:

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup flour

1 cup rolled sugar

1 cup rolled coconut

2tbsp golden syrup

2tbsp bi carb

2tbsp water

200gr butter


Mix all ingredients together.

Place on a tray and cook for 20 minutes.


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Digital Camera

Digital Camera



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Welcome back and we all hope you had a great, restful holiday. Term two inquiry topic is “Waterworks “.

Learning Intentions

Students observe and describe water.

Students identify uses of water.

Students identify a source of water.

Students can explain the water cycle.

Students describe ways to use water responsibly.

Success Criteria

I can observe and describe water.

I can identify uses of water.

I can identify a source of water.

I can explain the water cycle.

I can describe ways to use water responsibly.


On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 1 /2’s will participate in chemical science water experiments.

Digital Camera


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Term One Assembly


This Friday 11th March is 1 /2HM’s assembly. Here is our class recount we wrote when RACV Education came to visit.

On Wednesday 17th February, Nicole from the RACV came to our school.

We learnt that you must wear a helmet when riding a bike or scooter.

Nicole told us if we are too small for a seat belt, we need a booster seat.

We also learnt how to be a pedestrian.

To be a good pedestrian you walk when you see the green man.


Nicole put down on the ground a road made of felt.

Then she asked eight children to cross the road.

Miss Moloney and Nicole pretended to be the cars and the motorbikes.

We looked to the left, we looked to the right and we looked to the left again.

Next we played a game called “lolly-pop man”.

One whistle means stop.

Two whistles mean go.

At the end Miss Moloney and Nicole flipped up pictures to find our learning.

Thanks Nicole from RACV for visiting us!! We learnt so much about “keeping ourselves safe!”

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